Connect with and affirm your basic goodness guided 10-min meditation


Connect with and affirm your basic goodness guided 10-min meditation


10-min guided meditation with affirmations. Join Koa Elder for this simple 10-min meditation where you’ll connect with your body, your process and affirm your basic goodness. Take the next 10 minutes for yourself. Slow down, feel your own body and your energy.

One of the reasons I was drawn to Sahaja, or “simple” meditation, was its easy-to-remember and meaningful affirmations. And, the way it calls you to make contact with your own body at various points … connecting you to your own subtle energetic system.

Koa Elder, Conscious Content

Make getting to know yourself, your process and your subtle energy system a priority and commit to this simple daily practice! This meditation will help you get to know the different centers of energy in your body, learn the qualities of each center and what each needs through simple affirmations while placing your right hand upon each energy center inside your body.

Guided audio: simple Sahaja mindfulness meditation

Note: You can choose to play in your browser (fastest) or listen on Soundcloud.

Meditation adapted from Sahaja Yoga International
Meditation guided by Carolyn (Koa) Elder
Photo credit: Genessa Panainte
Image credit: Conscious Content

Please do not listen while driving.


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