Re-humanize and Realign Your Work

Our intention and practice is to embody our values and principles in a way that returns ourselves and our clients—whether individuals, teams or organizations—to a foundation of mindfulness.

A daily practice of non-separation from the self, the other and the whole that can reshape the way we look at doing our work in the world—realigning our work with our own true nature.

Our Particular Alchemy

Using a combination of self-exploratory Hakomi method-influenced mindfulness techniques and reconnecting the individual to macro and micro rhythms through simple and ancient Ayurvedic sadhana practices, this approach inspires a deeper, more core transformation in the individual, their relationships and their work.

Venn Diagram | Conscious Content Alchemical Approach

Want to explore an example Inner Realm Experience Map and Outer Realm Reconnection Map?

Two Tools for Remembering: Mindfulness & Sadhana

Get supported and guided practice in the two key tools for remembering your true nature: mindfulness and sadhana.

Mindfulness permeates Conscious Content’s entire approach and mindset. Sessions begin in mindfulness and return to mindfulness. Being in a state of mindfulness is the tool that allows us both to meet your unconscious needs, barriers and the strategies you’ve developed over a lifetime to get needs met that you didn’t believe were worthy or could be met in a healthier way.

Sadhana, on the other hand, is a mindfulness tool to bring unconscious beliefs and behaviors into the conscious and repattern them through mindful presence and repeated practice.

Inner Realm Mapping using Hakomi Method

Using Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Therapy principles and techniques, we gently build a relationship with your unconscious—the back seat driver of beliefs, behaviors and emotional responses. These sessions are meant to help you steadily build a view into, and a cognitive map of, the way you have organized your experience of life up until the present moment.

A few of the common ways we unconsciously organize our experience that Hakomi therapy allows us to bring into consciousness include contexts, life themes, adaptations, inner parts and their roles, the different ways we experience life and receive information from our unconscious, character strategies, barriers and missing experiences we never had, our unmet needs, our core beliefs, the loops we get stuck in and the resources we’ve already developed.

Outer Realm Connection using Vedic Sadhana

Then, through ancient Vedic Rhythmic and Cyclical Realignment practices, we aim to begin aligning the inner (unconscious) that we’ve discovered through Hakomi work with the outer (conscious), the micro with the macro.

Practices vary and may include simple daily practices, energetic grounding, protective, or balancing techniques, meditation, movement as well as rhythmic and cyclical realignment practices that reconnect your internal cycles with the larger external cycles around you: solar, lunar, daily, seasonal and the phases.


Let's Do The Work: Initial Consultation

30-min consultation call or in-person to discuss your current internal state and your relationship to your work. We’ll explore how Conscious Content can serve your unique personal and business needs.

Individual ReConnection™ session

Starting in mindfulness, and using Hakomi somatic psychotherapeutic principles and techniques as our guide, we will explore your unconscious inner realms and begin to make sense of the rich life inside of you. Then, incorporating the 5,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda, we’ll explore practices you can take with you into your conscious daily life that promise to mindfully reconnect you with your own nature through steady realignment with life’s natural cycles and rhythms.

Conscious Digital Content, Project and Program Leadership Services

Already have a program, project or product in flight? And, looking for an approach that is as mindful as your company or product? Our program leadership services incorporate Conscious Digital Project & Program Management, Conscious Digital Content Strategy, Conscious Digital Content Creation & Management to realign your process and people with the vision, the mission, the values and the flow of your businessand, of Life.
Man's hands meditating | mindfulness | Conscious Content

Our Approach

We look at our work as our Sadhana—our self growth practice, our connection, and our return to truth.

☾☽ Always start in, end in and return to Mindfulness. It is the holding space in which we can really listen and be heard, see and be seen, know and be known.
☾☽ Like increases Like. We strive to find harmony in recognizing that opposites balance.
☾☽ As above so below. As within, so without.
☾☽ Hakomi-inspired communication techniques establish and build relationship while continually maintaining and deepening connection between the individual and the self, the individual and the other and the individual and the larger collective.

How Can Sadhana Create Transformation?

Sadhana, or daily self growth practice, is a practice dating back more than five thousand years in Ayurveda, and is a fundamental component of spiritual and self growth—from buddhism to mysticism to vedism and modern-day hinduism and new ageism.

Sadhana uses everything as a tool for your well being, reconnecting you with what’s already available to you in your work and life—reconnecting you with yourself.

Conscious Content’s approach initiates a unique alchemical transformation in the individual. Using a combination of self exploratory Hakomi method-influenced mindfulness techniques and reconnecting the individual to macro and micro rhythms through simple and ancient Ayurvedic practices, this approach inspires a deeper, more core transformation in the individual, their relationships and their work.

Woman reaching toward sky | conscious content alchemy


helps my work honor all those it touches.

I honor the effort it takes to create something worth the attention I wish it to receive.

I honor the time it takes, the cycles I need to rotate through and the seasons that must come and go in order to create something that is lasting.


I’d love to do the work with you.

You don’t have to know all the details to know you need support and you’re ready to ask for it.
Conscious Content’s offering is unique, and will be customized to individual, group and organizational needs.