Ease your heart and spirit guided 10-min meditation


Ease your heart and spirit guided 10-min meditation


10-min guided meditation. Join Koa Elder for this brief meditation to ease your heart and spirit. Take the next 10 minutes for yourself. Slow down, feel where your heart is and what it needs right now.

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”


The truth of your heart is that it is bigger and more vast than whatever you may be sensing, feeling emotionally, telling yourself or believing about yourself or others. Your heart is the seat of your spirit, from a Sahaja yoga perspective, and your spirit contains all the simple and complex parts of you—your essence. You don’t have to identify with any individual sensation, emotion, thought or story or belief you have—your heart and spirit can hold and carry them all.

Guided audio: heart mindfulness meditation

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Meditation adapted from Sahaja Yoga International
Meditation guided by Carolyn (Koa) Elder
Photo Credit: Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash.com
Image credit: Conscious Content

Please do not listen while driving.

Step-by-step heart and spirit mindfulness meditation

Redheaded woman with hands over heart | guided heart meditation | Conscious Content

☾ ◐ ✕ ● ☉ ◯ ☉ ● ✕ ◑☽

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Sit somewhere quietly where you won’t be disturbed (too much).

    Settle your body by sitting in a chair or on a comfortable pillow or cushion on the floor. Turn your focus inward by closing your eyes or having a gentle gaze toward the floor.

  2. Place your right hand over your heart.

    Making physical contact with the heart focuses our attention and presence there so we can really check-in. Touch also connects us to ourselves and calms the nervous system.

  3. Speak the following affirmations with sincerity to yourself.

    When you’re ready, say these words either aloud or inside yourself, whichever is most comfortable for you:

    ☾ ◐ ✕ ● ☉ ◯ ☉ ● ✕ ◑☽

    I am not just this body: these sensations and feelings, these emotions.

    I am not just this mind: these thoughts, these stories, these judgments, these beliefs.

    I am the pure spirit who contains them all. Who holds them. 

    I am not any one part. I contain all my parts. 

    And I am not defined by any one of them, but as the whole of me.

    ☾ ◐ ✕ ● ☉ ◯ ☉ ● ✕ ◑☽

  4. Allow these words to land.

    Take a few moments, however long you need, to really allow these words to land right where your hand is making contact with your heart. Take a few breaths to help yourself really receive these messages.

  5. Take time to say anything else to your heart that it needs.

    As you sit with your hand on your heart, sensations, emotions, thoughts may arise. You may become aware of what else your heart needs to hear right now. Speak it to yourself or aloud. And then allow it to land too. Let yourself receive the unique message that only you know your heart needs. Sit with this for as long as you like.

  6. When you’re ready, slowly come back to the room.

    Slowly open your eyes and move your body gently in whatever way feels comfortable for you. You can stretch or wiggle your toes and fingers, look around the room at objects to reorient yourself to the world.

☾ ◐ ✕ ● ☉ ◯ ☉ ● ✕ ◑☽


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