The 6 most important lessons the February 2021 New Moon in Aquarius teaches us

The 6 most important lessons the February 2021 New Moon in Aquarius teaches us


There’s a symphony of voices out there, and what’s happening in the stars is too important right now to let its lessons be obscured or silenced any longer. That’s why I’ve gathered up a summary of the New Moon in Aquarius February 2021’s most important lessons from my favorite astrologers and star guidesses.

If you haven’t heard yet or you haven’t felt it yet, right now (starting Feb. 11, 2021, across timezones) is an incredibly potent time for making sure we’re focusing our attention, time and energy on utilizing the play of the cosmos to inform and plant the seeds of possibility in our work and our lives. It’s the New Moon in Aquarius February 2021 and here’s what it means and what you can learn from it from my favorite astrologers and tarot readers.

New Moon in Aquarius February 2021 meaning

There’s this major thing happening in the start-studded macrocosm called a stellium. It’s a rare occurrence where a cluster of three or more planets are all in the same sign. In this case, we’ve got more than six planets in the sign of Aquarius during an Aquarius New Moon! (Aside from the Moon we’ve got the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.)

What this means for us humans down here on planet earth is that we have access to a crescendoing rhapsody of the unique energies and qualities of the astrological sign the planets are clustering in. And, even if we don’t have planets in Aquarius, we will certainly be feeling and experiencing Aquarian energies and qualities all around us during the next two weeks of this New Moon cycle.

To quickly summarize, Aquarian traits and qualities you may be feeling during this time (even if you’re not an Aquarius or don’t have the water bearer in your natal chart) include:

  • a building awareness of the injustices, inequalities and imbalances impacting your life and those your care about
  • and a call to do something about it. A drive to do work or start projects that are in support of group rather than individual needs
  • majorly creative and innovative energy flowing straight from the stars into your headphones
  • an impulse to make sure what you’re spending your time doing benefits the most–whether that’s people, animals, plants or something less tangible like experiences, knowledge, wisdom or traditions

Other influential cosmic energies impacting the New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

The stellium isn’t the only thing making this one of the most impactful New Moons of the new year. There is literally SO MUCH going on in the macro that helps us reflect on major collective human transitions in our ways of thinking and being…

  • Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius through January 20, 2021
  • Jupiter stays in Aquarius for (most of) the rest of 2021
  • Saturn stays in Aquarius until March 2023 (which is when Pluto enters Aquarius for 24 years to follow!)
  • February is considered one of three “clash points” this year by Chani Nicholas and other astrologers
  • The last time we had a stellium in Aquarius was February 1962 at the heart of the 60’s countercultural movement in response to the Vietnam War’s use of chemical warfare. This same year we also saw the phrase “Black is Beautiful” become culturally important to the civil rights movement, the Albany Movement civil rights protest against segregation,  James Meredith becomes the first African-American student to attend  “Ole Miss”, Cesar Chavez began rallying migrant workers in Calif., The Esalen Institute was founded, we began launching rockets to the moon, the Cuban Missile Crisis threatened nuclear war and Marilyn Monroe dies.
  • We’re in the midst of a Saturn-Uranus alignment, which “don’t get on. They represent energies that appear to be opposed but they both rule Aquarius in modern astrology (but not in traditional astrology). Alignments between these two represent a collision or meeting between the old and the new–times when change becomes unavoidable,” describes UK-based astrologer Jessica Davidson.
  • And if that weren’t enough, Pam Gregory gives an even more meta view into 2021’s cosmic energies and contexts in this video on her thoughts about 2021.

So what are the most important lessons this New Moon in Aquarius can teach us?

Let’s hear from six of my favorite astrologers, tarot readers and general star guidesses with their top lessons we can take away from this New Moon in Aquarius for February 2021.

1. New Moon in Aquarius wisdom from UK-based Astrologer, Pam Gregory

I have so much respect for Pam Gregory and the broad cosmic view she brings with her cyclical astrology readings. Pam’s perspective is one of the more infinite of astrologers out there. At once she’ll go from the mundane details of the lunar and planetary impacts on a day or a fortnight, fall back 20, 50 even hundreds of years in the history of humankind to help you build context of how the cosmic energies show important patterns that we can learn from, then expand out in every direction to explore other transits and aspects while bringing in physics, science and an intergalactic perspective you’re just not going to get anywhere else.

“Themes of human rights, civil rights, freedom, truth, disclosure, awakening, big shifts in consciousness, protests as well as eruptive Uranian energy of environmental, ecological or technological eruptions.

Squares are clashes where people have one set of views and it’s very hard for them to see around the corner to see the other people’s point of view. So, there’s no meeting point. It can be quite battling.”

Pam Gregory, Astrologer

2. Amber Khan’s real-talk lessons for the New Moon in Aqua

If you want real-talk from the lips of pure divinity, Amber Khan’s community, The Quietest Revolution, might be your peoples and your place. Her monthly Astro-tarot videos for each zodiac sign have been my only lantern guiding me through some serious letting go and re-building that started in Nov 2020. I love how she always tells it to me straight, but in a way that I really need to hear (if I’m willing to listen).

“Don’t hesitate to begin again, but quietly.
You have the energy to create something new, something you must nurture away from the light and the eyes of others.”

Amber Khan, The Quietest Revolution

3. Mystic Momma’s ever-relevant Aquarian wisdom vibes

Oh, Mystic Momma, how I miss thee so! While Mystic Momma has paused on sharing her astral insight compilations since the summer (craziness) of 2020, her wisdom drops are timeless lessons that really encapsulate the Aquarian New Moon and Aquarius archetype.

“Living systems adapt by transforming themselves.”

Mystic Momma, Wisdom

4. Alina Alive’s grounded lessons and guided meditation for the New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results | Albert Einstein quote | Energy of New Moon in Aquarius February 2021 according to Alina Alive

Alina is one of my newer astrological guidesses. I appreciate her pragmatic, natural approach to astrology by picking out key things to know about the cycle and putting out a well-organized, laser-focused video on what to pay attention to for this New Moon in Aquarius February 2021.

“Use all of this progressive, collaborative, free and forward-thinking Aquarian influence right now to help us look at our goals from a fresh perspective.”

Alina Alive

One of my favorite parts of Alina’s cyclical readings is that she also leads a guided meditation for the February 2021 Aquarius New Moon and her voice is so grounding and calming.

5. New Moon wisdom across the signs from author and astrologer, Chani Nicholas

From her beautifully-penned horoscopes for the week of Feb. 8, Chani gives us a little bit o’ love and many-a-lesson across the zodiac. I summarize the cruxt of her wisdom for each zodiac sign below. But the meta wisdom nugget that really encapsulates them all is:

Let go of what (and who) is not working for, rather than against, you and your vision.
Use this focused creative energy to align with your unique version of what’s possible and let curiosity, reciprocity, joy and generativity be your guides.

Lessons for Aries:

  • realign with those who hold a grander vision and understand the time it takes to cultivate bounty
  • practice receiving everything
  • remember your dreams and how to believe in them

Lessons for Taurus:

  • embrace being present to the gifts and the grace this moment affords
  • when you stop trying to contort yourself into the shape of success that the world has outlined, you come into alignment with what true prosperity looks like for you
  • your New Moon practice is to unfold, relax, and trust the success of this moment

Lessons for Gemini:

  • recommit to the philosophies that keep you in a clear and consistent relationship with what is generative, complex, and curious

Lessons for Cancer:

  • work through your fears of being vilified and disliked, and instead focus on being fair.
  • work through the disappointment that others aren’t exactly who you want them to be, and accept that they are exactly who they need to be

Lessons for Leo:

  • witness the power of the right relationships in your life, and the derailing nature of the ones that are off course, even just a little bit
  • give thanks to those who keep you afloat and say  goodbye to those that merely help you to pass the time

Lessons for Virgo:

  • take note of the good fortune that is finding you precisely because of all the upkeep you’ve been able to manage.
  • receive any assistance you’re being offered with an open mind and a willingness to share the work in order to get the best possible results.
  • disrupt the idea that you need to do it all on your own. Value the ease that appears when you need it most

Lessons for Libra:

  • work with this New Moon to create expansive works of art
  • or just relax and enjoy this New Moon by relishing every pleasure possible
  • there will always be moments in life when I need to be busy; let this New Moon be about being in joy

Lessons for Scorpio:

  • this moment makes clear the power you receive from reclaiming energy from the parts of your past that have previously pained you
  • beautify your sanctuary, put up images that affirm you, and indulge in comforts that soothe you
  • no one is allowed to rush you. Nothing is more urgent than making sure you know that your needs matter

Lessons for Sagittarius:

  • not everyone’s emergency is yours
  • your time is invaluable
  • know that your wisdom benefits from structure, but is also born of intuition—honor the need to be precise and the need to stay open to what is yet to arrive

Lessons for Capricorn

  • know that most systems you work within don’t share your point of view
  • you may never come to see the fruits of your labor, know that the key to success lies in your ability to shift culture
  • your real job is to bring awareness to how much we win when we are in it for the good of all involved. The work you do extends far beyond you, surpassing individual benefit alone. Keep this knowing front and center as you build

Lessons for Aquarius:

  • remember to extend patience when you feel others aren’t up to speed. Embody humility when you catch yourself thinking that you alone have the answers
  • a good teacher facilitates a space for others to think for themselves, rather than selling an idea. Consider how to inspire a process of exploration and curiosity in others and yourself
  • recommit to living beyond the stories that you’ve created about how life should be

Lessons for Pisces:

  • bear witness to what is working
  • the invisible good that is taking root right now will become a key component to what will eventually help you build many bridges with the world at large
  • soak in any celestial splendor offered and let yourself be renewed in the process

6. Sara Vrba of Moon Magic’s heart-full advice

You can’t deny the ever-deep gaze of one of the heart-fullest Astro-tarot readers out there, Sarah Vrba. In her Moon Magic video series, aligned with the new and full moon cycles, she connects with February’s Aquarian lunar energies and offers you a heads-up on how to move through it all with ease and grace. If you want to connect with a feminine star guidess who’s so comfortable in her own skin she’ll make you want to crawl in there alongside her and cozy up… she’s it.

“Have the courage to see differently.”

Sarah Vrba, Moon Magic
Writer, Sr. Technical Program Manager, Sadhana Consultant and Inner Realm Guide at Conscious Content
Carolyn (Koa) Elder is a published writer and Senior technical program manager who’s been writing and consulting for more than a decade with startups, nonprofits and conscious businesses, digital agencies, and fortune 50s to 500s in the Top 50 list.

Beginning in 2011, she invested more deeply in her own mindfulness exploration and education as a Sahaja yoga/meditation guide and two-time apprentice of spiritual teacher and humanitarian, Vanessa Stone. Carolyn is an Ayurvedic Sadhana Consultant, having completed training in 2018 under her teacher, Maya Tiwari. Maya served for two decades as a Vedic monk belonging to India’s prestigious Veda Vyasa lineage and is the founder of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.

Carolyn is currently immersed in her practicum after graduating from a two-year comprehensive Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy practitioner training through Hakomi Institute Southwest.

Founder of Conscious Content, a mindfulness movement for business that serves the greater collective good, her intention is to bring ancient mindfulness technology first to individuals, and then their teams and organizations to connect them more authentically with themselves, one another, and their tribe.

Conscious Content’s guiding inquiry is: what would business look like if work became our sadhana—our personal growth practice?

Her chosen name, Koa, is of Hawaiian origin and means fearless and courageous.

Her given surname, Elder, is of Scottish origin and signifies one who is wiser, older and quite possibly born near the Elderberry tree.
Carolyn Elder

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