A Balanced Self Balances the Whole

Because you’re here to live a whole, connected, vital, free and balanced life.
And when you’re living in this way, your work is simply another reflection of that life.

Why Work Isn’t Working for Us.

The modern American works almost 3.5 more weeks per year than Japanese workers, one and a half months more than British workers and 3 months more than French workers.

More than 85 percent of males and more than 66 percent of females work more than 40 hours each week, according to the International Labour Organization.

With so much time focused on work, a natural imbalance has emerged in the lives of individuals, organizations and the larger collective work culture. You can hear it in the way your friends, family and coworkers reply to you or even the way you respond when asked how you are: “Busy! Swamped.”

Sound familiar?

And we end up crumbling under the imbalanced weight. The symptoms of an imbalanced work culture are easy to identify: self care becomes marginalized. Permeable personal boundaries combine with ill health, waning energy levels and fragmented focus in distracting, unnatural work environments to create a crash-and-burn-out cocktail that leads some to either emotionally, mentally or physically collapse under the weight of competing pressures.

Woman staring at computer screen | work imbalance | overwhelmed

How to Survive Unsustainable Work/Life?

For Individuals, they must find their real balance through reconnection with their unconscious drives, responses and behaviors, and through conscious realignment of their nature with the whole of nature.

Companies that survive in this shifting paradigm will need to embody more aligned values and structures, and enculturate more mindful beliefs and behaviors that reflect a deeper understanding of our most important resource: human capital. And, what human capital needs to flourish: right relationship.

Together, the individual and the company have a shared responsibility to engage in the practice of building more conscious, mindful mindsets and behaviors within themselves first, then with one another, and the whole of the organization.

image | man contemplating | work as sadhana | worship

Why Work as Sadhana?

Sadhana, or daily self growth practice, is a practice dating back more than five thousand years in Ayurveda, an ancient, tried and tested science of long life.

Sadhana is a fundamental component of spiritual and self growth—from buddhism to taoism, mysticism, vedism and modern-day hinduism and new ageism.

Sadhana uses everything as a tool for your well being, reconnecting you with what’s already available to you in your work and life—reconnecting you with yourself.

When we have an intention to turn toward self, even in our business roles, the relationship we begin to develop has transformative and lasting impacts on how we work in this world, what we create as individuals, and as a part of teams and larger organizations.

Through Hakomi and Ayurveda-influenced mindfulness practices, or sadhana, Conscious Content aims to inspire a deeper, more core transformation in business: starting within the individual and expanding to the organization.

And that kind of transformation begins with a pause. Transformation at any level begins in mindfulness.

Our Values

CORE VALUE: Our work is our Sadhana. Be in right relationship with your work.
When in doubt, always return to mindfulness as the guiding space.
The principle of sufficiency: what you appreciate, appreciates. (Lynne Twist)
Moving from a place of Ahimsa, or inner harmony, allows us to see and care for ourselves, each other, and the environments we impact each day.
Accept what is in every moment and be available to it.
Accepting the innate organicity of the individual and collective helps ground us while recognizing the larger intelligent flow we are all a part of—that flows within us.
The elements heal. The elements are the unifying factor in everything we are. We are are made of elements, and the elements nourish and offer us a return to balance within ourselves.
Hakomi method-inspired communication techniques establish and build relationship while continually maintaining and deepening connection.


helps my work honor all those it touches.

I honor the effort it takes to create something worth the attention I wish it to receive.

I honor the time it takes, the cycles I need to rotate through and the seasons that must come and go in order to create something that is lasting.


I’d love to do the work with you.

You don’t have to know all the details to know you need support and you’re ready to ask for it.
Conscious Content’s offering is unique, and will be customized to individual, group and organizational needs.