Laura Prieto-Valesco

Laura Prieto-Valesco

“I reached out to Carolyn to ask if I may visit her in Austin, as I needed the support and compassion of a caring friend to help me process some painful feelings of loss after a miscarriage.

I realize this is a heavy burden to bear for anyone, and I am forever grateful for her graceful nature and true friendship. When I arrived she was open and welcoming, making me feel loved and cared for. She helped me learn how to re-nourish my mind, body and spirit with good food, deep conversations speckled with laughter and silliness.

Our visit concluded with honoring the full moon together and singing her praises. I will never forget her warm and gentle nature in my time of need and hope that one day I may be able to return the favor whenever she calls upon me.”

Writer, Sr. Technical Program Manager, Sadhana Consultant and Inner Realm Guide at Conscious Content
Carolyn (Koa) Elder is a published writer and Senior technical program manager who’s been writing and consulting for more than a decade with startups, nonprofits and conscious businesses, digital agencies, and fortune 50s to 500s in the Top 50 list.

Beginning in 2011, she invested more deeply in her own mindfulness exploration and education as a Sahaja yoga/meditation guide and two-time apprentice of spiritual teacher and humanitarian, Vanessa Stone. Carolyn is an Ayurvedic Sadhana Consultant, having completed training in 2018 under her teacher, Maya Tiwari. Maya served for two decades as a Vedic monk belonging to India’s prestigious Veda Vyasa lineage and is the founder of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.

Carolyn is currently immersed in her practicum after graduating from a two-year comprehensive Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy practitioner training through Hakomi Institute Southwest.

Founder of Conscious Content, a mindfulness movement for business that serves the greater collective good, her intention is to bring ancient mindfulness technology first to individuals, and then their teams and organizations to connect them more authentically with themselves, one another, and their tribe.

Conscious Content’s guiding inquiry is: what would business look like if work became our sadhana—our personal growth practice?

Her chosen name, Koa, is of Hawaiian origin and means fearless and courageous.

Her given surname, Elder, is of Scottish origin and signifies one who is wiser, older and quite possibly born near the Elderberry tree.
Carolyn Elder

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