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Here’s some of my writing.


Featured technology & product articles

I write deep technology-focused pillar and cluster articles for a B2B SaaS startup that show senior managers, product, marketing and CX leaders how to improve their customer experience (and by proxy the employee experience). My articles consistently rank in both popularity and position 1 of the SERP with low exit rates, high average time-on-page and high pages-per-session rates.

I also collaborate with our product and engineering teams to produce tech-focused customer support content and manage our support content channel in lock-step with our weekly agile feature deliveries.



Featured mindfulness, self-growth, communication and psychology articles

I write human-focused mindfulness coaching content that gets high engagement rates across email and social channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.



Featured magazine clips

I was writing and interviewing SMEs before digital was our primary way to consume content. These are a few of my magazine writing clips from the days of old.

In this PDF you’ll find 3 articles from my time writing with a city magazine in southern Missouri including:

  • Upfront section: What’s Up in Branson? (A peek into the season of Branson stars.)
  • Feature: Beyond Bullying: Pushed to the Edge — School bullying right here at home.
  • Health section: Taking Control — two men share what life is like with OCD. This was part of a series of health articles that won myself and the city magazine I wrote for an award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness for our coverage of mental health issues.


Here’s some of my voice work.


Voice over samples

I love doing voices, especially children’s voices! I’m also great at calm, grounded meditation narration and other female voice work.

Check out a few of my voices below:

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