To create work and a life that is a full reflection of your why, practice “being to become” through your own daily work sadhana. What is sadhana? The practice of “sādhanā” is less woo-woo than it is a practical, action-oriented and time-tested approach for reconnecting ourselves to our why. For the business person, or anyone […]Continue reading

Scrolling repetitively through social media feeds, losing your patience, feeling judgemental and perfectionistic or simply overwhelmed, but too anxious to rest. These are early indicators that you may have a defense barrier to completion. The signs of a barrier Most of us find ourselves doing these things in fleeting moments throughout our work day: scrolling repetitively […]Continue reading

While businesses built on impersonal left brained frameworks of separation, scarcity and inauthenticity feel like the modern-day norm, they’re leaning—ever-more structurally unstable—as their foundational human element is fast crumbling under their weight. Business as usual = framework for failure The first sign you’re in a business as usual culture? You wake up stiff. Then, at […]Continue reading

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